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Putting the finishing touches on the website currently

Decided it was time to start the note. 

First reflection on this experience: it is way harder to prevent emails from going to spam than you would think. Please check your spam folder if you think you signed up for the discount but aren't seeing it in your email...


Moving on to the clothes now


The blanket hoodie is intended to be simple and elegant at the same time. the embossed logo detail is subtle and contrasts with the relatively loud color of this first version. We will continue to use this embossing method for future versions of the hoodie.

The hoodies are constructed with an alternative stitching method when compared to a traditional hoodie. Upper is made of one large piece of material rather than having sleeves stitched on, creating a fit and feel more similar to a blanket.


The blue hoodie will release soon sorry if you were waiting for that one. 


 8:52 PM

I kinda wish I didn't spoil all the pictures used on the website on the instagram over the past few days but they were my favorite pictures so I couldn't really help myself.


The frames are designed with a medium to be easily worn both outdoors and indoors. The black paint wears slightly over time giving the frames a little more personality. As much as I love the sunglasses I'm honestly more excited about the case they come in. The case is so minimal but will also protect the frames well.


10:10 PM

The cloud jacket was without a doubt the most challenging part of the design and manufacturing process. We went through three iterations and the differences between the original sample and the final product are significant. 

Shell material, overall fit and details of the jacket evolved in each iteration. The first sample lacked internal chest pockets and has a significantly thiner outer shell then the final version. The lining material of the final jacket is the same material originally used on the outer shell of the first jacket... wanted to keep a piece of the original design incorporated in to the final product.


I started the design process with sketches before modeling the jacket out of clay.


Seeing the jacket get closer and closer to what I had imagined was by far the most rewarding part of the brand so far. 

The jacket feels incredibly light, yet rugged in some ways. Warm enough for most cold weather, practicality is essential to NEAT products.



10:43 PM

This is where I'm gonna end the note

To all who decided to read this far thank you for wanting to learn more.

To all who motivated me and inspired me as I brought this vision to life thank you even more... u know who u are. 

I hope you are all excited to see what we do next.


This is just the start

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